Elton’s Classic Celebrates 40th Anniversary
In 1973, Elton John was at the top of his game and with co-writer Bernie Taupin they were a force to be reckoned with. In October of that year, the double album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road hit the shelves and solidified their musical legacy for generations to come. The album went on to sell 31 million copies and spent eight weeks at number one in the US alone. The breakthrough album is being released today remastered on a variety of configuration on CD, vinyl and a Deluxe Edition box set that includes a slew of bonus material. Read more...

Hot Doug’s Gives Readers A Peek Into Chicago Food History
Although relatively new on the scene, by Chicago standards, Hot Doug’s has quickly become an institution in the city and a mecca for foodies from around the world. Known for its risqué punk rock approach to the hotdog the restaurant can attract lines up to three hours long for a single dog. Of course with choices like rattlesnake, yak and occasionally foie gras you can’t really blame them. Read more...

Chappelle Literally Brings The Funny Or Die To The Fest
The Chappelle show had a segment during Season Two entitled, “When ‘Keeping it Real’ Goes Wrong”. On Thursday night, Dave Chappelle tried to keep it real but did just that in Hartford, CT. After his show got away from him, reports quickly spread online of trouble comedian having yet another meltdown on stage. His performance was part of the Funny or Die Presents The Oddball & Curiosity Festival that is touring all over the country and it was the fourth stop of a fifteen stop tour. The question still remains of course, did Dave crack or did he just have a bad night on stage? Read more...

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May Be The Last Time, I Don’t Know
Great Divide - 03/23/13 | Vintage Trouble Interview | Soundgarden - 01/29/13

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Enjoy the Summer Landshark & Zac Brown Band Style
June has arrived and although we are weeks away before the official day of summer, that doesn’t mean we can’t kick it off early. Some of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful weather is with good friends, cold beer and great music. Landshark Lager is here to help out you and fans of the Zac Brown Band all summer long. Read more...

Behind the Bell: The Dustin Diamond Story
Batman: Arkham City Lets Your Inner Hero Roam Free
Penance is a Page Turner

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The Lone Ranger Rides Again on DVD
Many of us remember as a kid watching the masked man with his faithful sidekick every Sunday afternoon. Those were the young innocent days when evil wore black and even with a mask we knew the good guy wore a white hat. Now with a new big Hollywood release in a theater near you it’s time for a little refresher course. Classic Media recently released the original Lone Ranger series as a 30 disc collector set that includes all 5 season or you can buy individual discs to relive your childhood memories. Read more...

"Magic Magic"
Jackson Five: The Complete Animated Series - Blu-ray
"Man with the Iron Fists, The"

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