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Ghareeb Nawaz: Little India, Big Taste Print E-mail
Written by and photos by VINCE GIANDONATO   
Thursday, 31 August 2006
For the best deal in the city, head North to Devon and Seeley. Named for an Indian Saint of the Poor, this place definitely won't take much out of your pocket book but will leave a hefty deposit in your tummy. Way off the beaten path, only those with inside info will know about this place.

Ghareeb Nawaz
2032 W. Devon Ave
Chicago, IL 60659
(773) 761-5300

Bright colors and hefty helping of Indian and Pakistani people are all you find inside. Plain tables surround the counter where you place your order deli style. This is a very soup Nazi-ish experience, so know what you want before you get to the front of the line, there's not a lot of patience for you.


Don't worry, you'll stick out like a sore thumb. This place is frequented by the residents of it's neighborhood, which basically means Indian and Pakistani people with their families. There is a chance that the occasional hippie and hipster might show up, which would account for you being there.


Nothing alcoholic that I know of, but try the Mango Lassi. It cools the spice that will surely set the inexperienced tongue on fire. Plus, it's damn tasty.


Look, it's all tasty, but the trick is to bring somebody with you who has either been there before OR knows the language. I suggest one of the Biryani dishes (Lamb or Chicken) with a Chapati. Frontier Chicken, Chicken Chunna (I think that's what it's called), Lamb Vindaloo, or Lamb Korma are all good.


Cheap, damn cheap. Dinner is under ten dollars a person and the portions are definitely big enough to share. My girlfriend and I had a meal for 6 dollars one night, we definitely love this place, but don't try to impress a date here, this is at least a third date kind of place.


Phenomenal food for those with a desire for something different, the best taste to cost ratio I have ever experienced. Forget the crowds and take a trip to the joint less traveled. This is definitely a place you'll go back to.

Written by Guest on 2007-01-20 00:44:29
I loved this place! Thanks for the tip! LUMINO ROCKS!

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