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Ludo Plays it Loose Print E-mail
Written by JORDAN BRANDIS / Photos by ALANA GRELYAK   
Monday, 03 September 2007
Ludo is not so much a band as they are an experience. The St. Louis based band which graced Chicago most recently at Lollapalooza earlier this summer once again hit the stage this weekend at the Metro. Though mostly ignored at Lollapalooza, this time around Ludo played to a plethora of well-earned fans.


The Metro
Chicago, Ill.
August 31, 2007

Musically, Ludo comes off as the rebellious teenage love child of They Might Be Giants and Weezer. Every single member of the five-piece band has a unique presence on stage. Keyboardist Tim Convy spends almost as much time away from the keyboard pepping up the audience as he does playing it. Drummer Matthew Palermo, who is actually older then he looks, pounds away on the drums with masterful intensity, but the main attraction is lead singer Andrew Volpe’s never ending antics on stage.

Volpe’s presence immediately overshadows almost everyone else. While not necessarily the most imposing of the group, Volpe takes the fearlessly and with full confidence. Volpe will do just about anything on stage, from sexually whipping the microphone stand to mockingly seducing female fans with his tongue.

The bands quasi-comedic take on rock n’ roll music became obvious from the very start of the show as a Monty Python-esque tune blasted out of the speakers. If Ludo had transitioned into anything but the tongue-in-cheek style song that they have become well-known for, it just would not have worked.

Relaxed is the word when it comes to hearing Ludo play live. Let the reader not get confused in my terminology; there are many types of bands out there that play relaxed. Phish and the Grateful Dead are so relaxed that jam bands got created. Ludo, on the other hand, approaches the concert like playtime or recess. At one point during the show, the entire band jumped up as high as they could off of whatever they could; onstage, they are true kids at play.

Strangely, one of the best moments of the night came from the band covering Faith No More’s tune, “Epic.” In Ludo’s hands, the song runs perfectly. Volpe manages to create a unique version of the track while still making it sound like the classic it has become. The strange part about the night is that while it was enjoyable, the concert itself seemed predictable. After seeing Ludo play at Lollapalooza, I was struck by how similar the two performances actually were. It was like going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show more than once; it is still a rush but all the same things happen each time.

My gut feeling tells me that Ludo is a band on the rise. Three other bands played at the Metro Friday night and Ludo was by far the best of the group. The band is already fairly fine tuned but I don’t think they experiment enough. Each member of Ludo is highly talented and I think that if they tap into their potential just a little more they have the power to become a force in the musical community.

nichole lehnherr
Written by Guest on 2007-11-11 19:31:14
i love ur band!!i went with amanda bonum
Written by Guest on 2007-12-28 01:11:22
I love your band and I AM Amanda Bonum....I went with Ali Bonum :)
Written by Guest on 2008-03-17 13:17:06
:p hey its nichole again!! ludo rox!!! :grin
Written by Guest on 2008-11-28 17:59:32
when r u coming to wisconsin???? :) :?

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