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The Legacy Continues: Danzig’s Takes on Riot Fest Print E-mail
Written by AARON WOLFSON / * See Note on Photography   
Monday, 17 October 2011
It is Friday night I’m leaving a wedding to race down to the Congress Theatre for a night I won’t ever forget. I get my press pass and get my buddy into a sold out show with a little begging - thank you awesome people. All this because, growing up as a huge fan of the Misfits, there was no greater moment than the chance to see Danzig himself singing those songs that helped define my youth. All the while watching Doyle Von Frankenstein blazing guitars riffs by his side. But that was just one part of an insane just under two hour experience. Danzig Legacy set included not only selections from the Misfits, but also from Danzig’s other projects including the self-titled Danzig (which is more of a heavy metal act) as well as the more Goth Samhain (which was between the other two acts).

Danzig Legacy

Riot Fest
Chicago, IL
October 7, 2011

Sold out to the max, the Congress came alive almost to a riot state as the legend took the stage starting out with Danzig songs. Opening with some newer tracks, “Hammer of the Gods” and “Skin Carver” followed by older selections like “Twist of Cain” and “Dirty Black Summer.” The crowd barely took a minute to themselves as everyone became completely engulfed in the show that was before them front of them.

Standing in the middle of it all there is barely a space to move, as every fist pounded in the air and every head banged along with the music. Along the way, Danzig commented on how hot it is in the venue, even throwing water out to the crowd throughout the night. Calls came out to the sound guy several times as Danzig had trouble hearing himself. At one point, a request for a knife was shouted out saying he wants to stab someone. In the end however, knife was only used to cut some tape on the stage floor.

A quick background change revealed the raising of the Samhain 3 album cover. Danzig delivered kicking into 30 minutes of the band’s mind blowing music as his rabid followers ate every note. The first set kicked of with “Initium” followed by the Samhain tracks “All Murder, All Guts, All Fun” and “Mother of Mercy.” During all of which, the crowd never stopped cheering and the aforementioned heat of the venue just kept getting turned up another notch with every song.

The banner dropped Samhain revealing the legendary Crimson Ghost of the Mistfits adding an aura in the air. Doyle and Danzig came out swinging as they ripped into “Death Come Ripping” and the crowd erupted into a frenzy of scattered mosh pits. Heads banging and fists pumping high in the air as sounds of “whooooo, whoooo” are chanted back to the band.

The set featured many Misfits favorites such as “Bullet,” where Danzig revealed they were never allowed back into Dallas because of the content about President Kennedy. Other songs included “I Turned Into, A Martian” and “Die Die My Darling.” It was a short set but with most of the songs being under 3 minutes that’s not hard to accomplish.

As the Danzig Banner rose once again, the guys went into the encore finishing with his most notable song, “Mother.” As everyone started to leave and the house music came on. The show appeared to be over, yet the true fans stuck it out for at least fifteen minute chanting one more song. Out of the shadows, Doyle and Danzig came out making this writer’s and all that stayed, a perfect night. Finishing the night and stirring the crowd into one last frenzy, the guys ended with one of the greatest Misfits songs of all time - “Skulls”

A night to truly remember and never forget, this show proved that the Danzig legacy is going strong and still has more stories to be written.

* Live Photographs: No live shots due to a last minute decision by Danzig management to deny all photography at the show.

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