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First Presidential Debate: More an Act of Style Than Substance Print E-mail
Written by COSME VIVANCO   
Saturday, 06 October 2012
One of the most insulting things I find about the build-up to a Presidential debate is the desire by many to turn what is supposed to be a civilized discussion about policy into a knock down, dragged out affair where the loser is left at the lectern wearing a crimson mask. We judge these debates strictly on “style” rather than “substance.” We wonder if a particular candidate’s answer was “sharp” or “crisp.” We wonder if a particular candidate is wearing the right color tie. And we wonder if a particular candidate is “smiling” or “smiling at the right moment.” It’s all theatre criticism in my view. And it’s become rather boring. But since people are curious about who “won” or who “lost” Wednesday night’s debate it’s pretty obvious that if you’re judging these purely on “style” then the nod would go to Governor Mitt Romney. The former Massachusetts Governor came to Colorado with nothing to lose and in the end he appeared to be the more forceful participant than the President of the United States.

2012 Presidential Debate

University of Denver
Denver, CO
October 3, 2012

At times, President Barack Obama appeared to be unwilling to engage forcefully with Governor Romney. There were instances where he garbled and trip underneath his words. He seemed listless and bored. And he seemed unwilling to call out Governor Romney whenever he told an obvious lie. It is my belief and to those who are not part of the American political punditry that the Romney-Ryan Presidential ticket is the most extreme in many years, certainly in my lifetime. It’s a marriage made in heaven for those who believe in the Gordon Gekko/Ayn Rand way of life. Mr. Romney’s goal on Wednesday night was to win back Moderates and he did so by reinventing himself one more time. He proclaimed that he is for regulations on Wall Street (he is not) He supports Medicare and Social Security as it is (Congressman Ryan’s budget calls for the end of both Medicare and Social Security as we know it) And he says he would like to work with Democrats (Governor, check with the far-right ideologues in your party and see if it’s okay if you can play in the same playground with the Democrats) Governor Romney also said he would slash 1 trillion of the federal budget by getting rid of Big Bird. When in reality PBS funding makes up .00014% of the annual budget. He said his health care plan covers those with pre-existing conditions. Not true. His plan leaves 89 million in the dust. And one of the more egregious lies he told was that his 5 trillion dollar tax cut wasn’t a 5 trillion dollar tax cut. And when Governor Romney wasn’t busy being the Madonna of the political world by reinventing himself yet again, the President of the United States was in typical naïve fashion.

Mr. Obama strongly believes in his brand of “hope and change.” That is to go above and beyond the bitter partisan politics of the 1990’s. But by doing that he refuses to call out a lie when it’s a lie. Or, move the conversation away from the austerity mania that’s gripped the Washington press corps. During the debate the President did not bring up Mr. Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital. Nor did he mention the “47 percent” comments that Governor Romney made in front of a group of political dunces (A.K.A. his wealthy donors) nor did he make a strong enough case for the role of Government. The ghost of Ronald Reagan still haunts this country. And if Mr. Obama would like to establish himself as a transformative figure like the 40th President of the United States, then it would behoove him to do opposite of Mr. Reagan by presenting a strong and definitive case for the role of Government rather than continuing to move to the center-right whenever a Republican calls him a Socialist.

While it’s true that the economy is slowly getting better, it’s still in a precarious situation. The President of the United States is not in a position where he is solely in the driver’s seat headed to a resounding victory. On the other hand, Governor Romney is proving that you need no shame in order to win the hearts and minds of the American public. On Wednesday night, Governor Romney presented the American people with a new Mitt Romney that was more repulsive and more arrogant than ever, and for one night it actually worked.

But if you want to know the truth about these Presidential debates, ask Senator John Kerry, who won all three debates against President George W. Bush in 2004, if they called him President of the United States at the end of the day.

Mr Obama stooge
Written by Guest on 2012-10-06 15:53:55
Another Mr Obama stooge blinded by his rethoric on prompter and no substance 
America and the world need a leader with vision! Mr Obama talking goods not is all! Time to move on and let other take the realm
Written by Guest on 2013-09-09 02:00:47
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